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Pierogies, Kielbasa
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European Style, Delicious
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For Any Occasion: Parties, Holidays, Birthdays, Festivals

European Specialties

European Specialties

In our store you can find Polish kielbasa, pierogies, cheeses, pączki and much more! Try our delicious "Classic Zapiekanka"
Today's Hot Lunches & Dinners

Today's Hot Lunches & Dinners

We made daily fresh homemade pierogies, stuffed cabbage, potatoes pancakes, crepes and more...
Catering for Any Occasion

Catering for Any Occasion

We can deliver our special catering food for your special occasion. Please check our extended list of catering dishes, made fresh just for you!
Parcels to Europe

Parcels to Europe

We offer parcel shipping. Bring your parcel to our store. We can send packages to Europe by Air or by Sea via POLAMER - experienced & trusted company...

Gabriela's European Deli

Are you hungry? Don't wait!

Our deli specializes in traditional Polish, Czech, Ukrainina, and Eastern European cuisine, but also carries products from other regions of Europe. At Gabriela's, you can find a range of cured meats, sausages, and cold cuts, including kielbasa, ham, and salami. We offer a variety of breads and pastries, including fresh-baked rye bread, babka, and pierogi. Customers can also find a selection of pickles, sauerkraut, and other traditional pickled vegetables. The deli also carries a range of grocery items, including grains, canned goods, and condiments, as well as a selection of teas, coffee, and other beverages.